PropertyCorp Advisors Limited is a property surveying and real estate project development firm that we focus on providing high-end real estate development, analysis, surveying, auctioning and advisory services. The agency advisory services are also within our scope of businesses, in which we are doing office relocation and investment consultancy for local and multi-national corporations.

Our objectives are to provide our clients a sufficient listing of relevant information, an objective analysis of current market situation, and a transparent approach to be able to enhance and facilitate clients to make rational decisions in satisfaction.

To implement the objectives, we have a group of strong sales forces of tertiary educational background, who are young, energetic, creative, flexible, ambitious and hard working; and most importantly, they are professional with strong sense of integrity. We know only we have to be energetic and ambitious enough to meet and achieve our intermediary target to be well developed as a well-known and successful professional firm. We know only the solid foundation with well developed system and good and quality people of well trained in skill and strong minded in integrity could merely accomplish the difficult tasks we are facing along our dreaming direction.

For even future development, our plan may also consider in choosing and acquire or invest in suitable businesses very carefully to enhance the development of the company if having met with any merging opportunities.

We are proud to have a slogan. It interprets our spirit. We know we are going without regret in the direction as it says and we will reach the target as stated above, "Top quality and professionalism is our unique mission".